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Club Med Mauritius Albion Plantation, broaden the horizons of your little adventurers in an Indian Ocean paradise.

A wild creek surrounded by lush vegetation: you and your family have found a little piece of heaven. As your children stand on the sand, whether they’ve got their heads in the clouds or their eyes on the horizon, they’re having the time of their life. At Petit Club Med, they’re ready for an adventure: it’s time to explore nature. At Mini Club Med, they feel like they’ve grown wings as they try out the flying trapeze, and find happiness on the ocean waves from 8 years and up. Young G.Ms at Junior Club Med take to the water in kayaks and catamarans.

Petit Club Med - 2 to 3 years oldMini Club Med® - 4 to 10 years oldJunior Club Med - 11 to 17 years old
Petit Club Med – 2 to 3 years old

Petit Club Med® (from 2 to 3 years old)

To be sure your children’s holiday experience is as unique as yours, we’ve devised a Club Med tailored just for them! Run by experienced G.O®s, Petit Club Med® proposes a host of different activities for all age groups – creative, artistic, active and fun. The children explore and discover talents and friendships in an environment made to measure. At Petit Club Med®, our G.O®s cater to their needs all day long, with a children’s lunch menu and specially devised evening activities.

Opening hours: From 8.30 am to 5 pm and from 7.30 pm to 9 pm, 6 days a week

Book in advance for Petit Club Med, where 2 and 3 years old have fun discovering new things together through play. Hands-on, musical and artistic activities, educational games, sport: they’ll enjoy a varied experience tailored to them. Because our younger G.Ms need extra care and attention, this service is available on demand. Early years professionals take care of them in a tender and loving way. The staffing will be in complete accordance with current regulations. The number of places is limited to ensure every little one is safe and learning. French regulations, or local regulations if these are stricter

*The Learning to Ski course is available in selected Resorts only

Included activities


Duration: From 7.30 pm to 9 pm

After having your children eat dinner, you can enjoy our Evening Service where a trusted G.O® will look after the kids while you enjoy a private dinner with your partner, friends and family.

Age: Starting from 2 years old

Included for children who are registered at Petit Club Med® by the day or by the week. Service on request for children who are not registered or who are only registered by the half day, subject to availability.

Show time

Enter stage left: it’s time to create and rehearse their own show. Fun with friends is a great way to develop new talents.

Age: Starting from 2 years old

Resort Facilities 

Petit Club Med®

2 and 3 year olds are immersed in Mauritian culture as they play in their activity room. On the walls are enormous sugar cane fields. Your little ones can get in touch with nature and explore local heritage. A special area just for napping lets them have calm and rest. They smile as they dip their toes into their paddling pool. And discover flora and fauna in the learning garden.

  • Indoor
Mini Club Med® – 4 to 10 years old

Mini Club Med (from 4 to 10 years old)

Each age range has a selection of activities tailored just for them. From 4 years and up, children can try a range of land sports. They’ll hone their artistic talents in creative workshops, and invite you to join them for fun team games. From 6 years and up, they’re ready to try archery and some water sports. And once they reach 8, a whole new raft of specially designed activities is available to tempt them, both on and off the water

Opening hours: From 9 am to 5.30 pm and from 7 pm to 9 pm, 6 days a week

Mini Club Med has a simple goal: to give children an exciting, dynamic space to explore and express themselves. To help them blossom, young G.Ms are grouped by age. They’ll discover a whole world of sports with their friends and try out new skills in team games. As well as getting to know each other through creative activities. They’ll be smiling from ear to ear as they tell you about their grown-up adventures.

Included activities


Duration: From 7 pm to 9 pm

Looking forward to a quiet dinner with your partner or with friends ? You can entrust them to our experienced G.O. They will have a dinner and be able to take part in fun activities, while you enjoy your meal in peace.

Age: Starting from 4 years old

Included for children who are registered at Mini Club Med® by the day or by the week.

Show time

Enter stage left: it’s time to create and rehearse their own show. Fun with friends is a great way to develop new talents.

Age: Starting from 2 years old

Resort Facilities

Mini Club Med®

At Mini Club Med, your children are surrounded by the local culture. Grouped by age, they learn and grow through play with a tropical twist. The activity room for 4-7 year olds has sugar cane fields for decoration. While the 8-10 year olds have distillery-style decor. Together, they have exclusive use of a pool, with views of the palms and banana trees.

  • Indoor
Junior Club Med – 11 to 17 years old

Junior Club Med® (from 11 to 17 years old)

The temperature here is perfect for active fun on land and sea, so 11-13 year olds can enjoy an action-packed holiday. 14-17 year olds can work on their skills playing team sports, or chat by the poolside. At Junior Club Med, teenagers are grouped by age to ensure the excitement and challenge fits them perfectly. In the shade of the trees, flying through the air or skimming over the water, they’ll try a range of new experiences with their G.O®s to support them.

Included Activities

Show time

Enter stage left: it’s time to create and rehearse their own show. Fun with friends is a great way to develop new talents.

Age: Starting from 2 years old

On demand activities* 

Teen Spa (from 11 years old to 17 years old)

Teenagers have the opportunity to try our wellness facilities for themselves. Once on site, they can book to have beauty treatments and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. They can unwind on their own, with you or with friends.

Age: Starting from 11 years old

Babysitting (from 4 years old to 17 years old)

To enjoy a moment of total freedom, take advantage of the babysitting service (subject to availability).

For information: we provide a list of babysitting services on request. Club Med provides the contact but has no responsibility for the service.

Age: Starting from 4 months old

*At extra cost

Included Family Activities

At the foot of the pistes, surrounded by snowy summits, cozy up with your family. Share new heights of fun through the Resort’s parent-child activities. In the heart of the wintry landscape, have fun with your nearest and dearest and make memories that will warm your heart for years to come.

Starting from 2 years old

Family “Big Snack” 

Snacks, pancake parties, baking workshops or picnics: these tasty activities* are a great way to savour time as a family. Treat yourself with your nearest and dearest. What’s on the menu? Great food, of course, plus extra helpings of laughter, happiness and fun.

*Activities vary between Resorts

Family show time

Sit back and enjoy the show: your children are about to take to the stage. Depending on the Resort, there might be dancing, singing, circus acts and more. Your little ones take centre stage, costumed and directed by their G.Os. When the crowd applauds, you can feel the pride in the room.

Pool free access

The Resort pool is there for you to use all day long. Whether it’s a place of calm solitude for a relaxing morning swim or ringing with laughter as you splash about with loved ones, there are so many ways to enjoy the pool.

Children under the age of three years who are still being potty trained must wear disposable swim nappies.

Family tournaments & games

Puzzles, sports tournaments, treasure hunts, sand castle competitions and skill and logic games.* Playing together brings you closer. Team up with your children and compete against other families. Enjoy time with your nearest and dearest.

Family Arts & Crafts

Painting, photo scavenger hunts and bracelet making*: there’s lots of ways to get creative as a family. Add a dash of colour to your holidays alongside your budding little artists, discovering local crafts and creating things yourselves. Discover your hidden talents together.

Starting from 4 years old

Free access to tennis courts

Duration: Every Day

Age: Starting from 4 years old

Accompanied by an adult: 4 years old. Unaccompanied: 8 years old.


  • Tennis balls: 4 Included
  • Tennis racket Included

Starting from 8 years old

Free acces to golf Resort’s facilities

Duration: Every Day

Age: Starting from 8 years old
Accompanied by an adult: 8 years old. Unaccompanied: 11 years old.


  • Golf clubs Included
  • Golf balls On demand (at extra cost)

Free access to sailing

Duration: Every Day

Age: Starting from 8 years old
Accompanied by an adult: 8 years old. Unaccompanied: 16 years old.


  • Hobie Cat 15 Included

Starting from 16 years old 



Duration: 6 days a week

Inspired by yoga, this danse and gymnastics technique is based on 8 principles to improve your coordination, develop your suppleness and eliminate stress.

Activity available as of age 16. In group classes with adults.


Initiation group lessons

Thanks to water resistance an in music, reinforce your muscles and cardio vascular rhythm. The aquafitness, does not even require the need to swim as you are always in depth, diminishes practically to nil the risk of injury what ever the movements made.

Age: Starting from 16 years old
In group classes with adults: 16 years old.

Group Lessons


Duration: 6 days a week

Group lessons 6 days a week, to ensure all participants make good progress and master their movements.

Age: Starting from 16 years old
In group classes with adults.

Resort facilities (from 2 to 17 years old)

A safe playground

For extra fun
Club Med strives to provide your family with an enchanting and safe playground:

  • Infirmary* service for consultation or medication
  • Security staff within the resort
  • Outdoor

*Opening hours and operating times may vary depending on the resort

General information

Terms and Conditions:

French children or children residing in France, born before 01/01/2018:

To take part in Baby Club Med or Petit Club Med, the child’s summary health record must be provided, showing the child is up to date with their mandated vaccines (for under 2s, this includes as a minimum the first two doses of the vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and polio).
French children or children residing in France, born after 01/01/2018:

To take part in Baby Club Med or Petit Club Med, in accordance with article R.3111-8 (issued as part of decree n° 2018-42 of 25 January 2018) of the Code de la Santé Publique (Public Health Code), the child’s summary health record, or another document showing that the child has been vaccinated as required (11 compulsory vaccines), must be provided. This applies only to French children and children resident in France, born after 01/01/18.
In accordance with regulations currently in force in France, JORF n° 0130 of 8 June 2010; decree relating to organisations and services taking care of children under the age of 6; art. R.2324-39.-V, children under the age of 6 will not be admitted unless a medical certificate is produced, dated just before arrival at the Village, stating that there is no reason why the child should not be cared for in a group setting.


Feel confident and carefree as you leave your baby in the capable hands of the G.Os at Baby Club Med. Sensitive to the particular needs of the under 2s, these experienced professionals will take excellent care of your precious children. They have a real vocation: comforting, inspiring and entertaining the smallest children to help them grow and develop.

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