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Fitness School

The Sports Schools propose the best equipment and facilities for fitness enthusiasts. Quality teaching by G.O®s trained in their discipline, to introduce beginners to fitness. Group lessons 6 days a week, to ensure all participants make good progress.

Included activities


Initiation group lessons: Activity takes place on Finolhu Island.

Yoga is a Hindu discipline that uses postures and breathing to unify body, mind and spirit. On Finolhu offers a Power Yoga course with dynamic postures and specific breathing exercises.

Age: Starting from 11 years old.


Group lessons for all levels (age and date restrictions may apply): 

A selection of activities suitable for your fitness level, designed for slimming and toning: conditioning exercises, bums and tums, stretching, step…

Age: Starting from 16 years old.

In group classes with adults: 16 years old.


Flying Trapeze School with circus activities

The Sports Academies propose the best equipment and facilities for flying trapeze enthusiasts.
Beginners and advanced pupils alike will be able to enjoy their sport in the best possible conditions.

Quality teaching by specialist instructors or outside operators, to introduce beginners to the sport and enable experienced players to perfect their mastery of the discipline

Group classes for all levels, 6 days a week, give you the chance to make real progress and master your movements

Full equipment for each age group and level of skill.

Information: (First introduction to the activity, lessons given one or twice a week only)

A complete material adapted to the age of each participant and the different levels of practice.

Included activities

Group lessons 

Group lessons for all levels (age and date restrictions may apply):

Fly through sky and realize your first “catch”. The most skilled ones can perfect their ”return”, while working on their “weap” and « lay out ».
Also: Juggling et slackline.

3 steps lessons :

  • Warm up.
  • Teaching and pratice.
  • Debriefing and stretching.

Age : Starting from 12 years old.

In group classes with adults: 12 years old.


Other activities

Included activities


Free access – Activity proposed on Finolhu Island.
Play this energetic, fun sport in dream surroundings at Club Med, individually or in a team.

Age: Starting from 12 years old.

Beach volley-ball

Free access – Club Med Kani proposes beachvolley.
Beach volleyball is primarily a sport, but in the Maldives, it’s a way to have lots of fun at the same time!

Age: Starting from 12 years old.


Free access – Club Med Kani proposes volleyball
Keep an eye on the ball, it could end up in your camp. Make passes by giving height to the ball. It must cross the net before landing on the other side to increase your point counter.

Age: Starting from 12 years old.


Free access – Club Med Kani proposes Tennis
Private and preserved, the island encourages intimaty. Enjoy a moment for two on the only tennis court. Create exchanges and memories on a heavenly island. Tennis rackets and balls are at disposition.

Age: Starting from 12 years old.

Beach soccer

Free access
No shoes required: Play barefoot in the sand. The beach becomes a playground for dribbling, passing the legs and goals. Integrate one of 2 teams of 5 players and let yourself be carried away by the madness of the ball.

Age : Starting from 12 years old.

Weights & cardio room

Free access
Activity proposed on Finolhu island. This fitness room is equipped to help you keep fit and test your endurance.

Age: Starting from 18 years old.

General informations

Supervision: Quality supervision with G.O® trained in their discipline to initiate beginners and perfect the confirmed.

*additional cost.

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