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At Club Med Cancun Yucatan, discover yourself under the Caribbean sun.

The lagoon and the lush mangrove forest to port. The Caribbean Sea, coral reef and soft sandy beaches to starboard. Set sail for paradise, as a family. At Petit Club Med, pint-sized pirates conquer new early learning activities. At Mini Club Med, young buccaneers can try a varied range of sports such as flying trapeze from 4 years old, sailing from 6 years old or snorkeling from 8 years old. While at Club Med Passworld, teenagers have the choice: discover exciting new hobbies or lounge in the sun.

Petit Club Med - 2 to 3 years oldMini Club Med® - 4 to 10 years oldClub Med Passworld® - 11 to 17 years oldFamily activitiesServices and facilities
Petit Club Med – 2 to 3 years old

Indoors and outdoors, everything is done to promote the development of 2 to 3 years old. Collective fresco and motor skills course, treasure hunt: awakening, sociability and discovery play a major role in everyone’s days. Nap, storytelling, nursery rhymes: quieter times also allow your children to recharge their batteries.

Petit Club Med®

Babysitting service on demand*

Opening hours: 8:45 am to 5:00 pm, daily


Reserved in advance, the Petit Club Med® offers your children aged 2 and 3 a playful environment that promotes discovery and socialization. Manual, musical, artistic activities, educational games, sport: they benefit from tailor-made leisure activities. Because our young G.M® deserve special attention, this service is offered à la carte. Early childhood professionals take care of them with tenderness.

The management staff meets the requirements of the regulations in force *. The number of places is limited to guarantee the awakening and safety of your children.

* French or host country regulations if this is even more demanding.

Included activities 


Duration: 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Do you want to dine peacefully with 2 or with friends? After eating your children, you can entrust them to experienced G.O®. During your meal, they are taken care of and enjoy festive activities.

Age: From 2 years

Included for children enrolled in Petit Club Med® for the day or for the week. On-demand service for children who are not enrolled or only enrolled for half a day depending on availability.

Creative workshops

Sensory activities for tiny tots, and coloring or hands-on activities for older children.

Age: Starting from 4 months


A walk is a chance to get lots of fresh air, and to fall in love with the hidden wonders of nature. Your children will love playing explorers with their friends.

Age: Starting from 4 months

Show time

Enter stage left: it’s time to create and rehearse their own show. Fun with friends is a great way to develop new talents.

Age: Starting from 2 years

Early learning

Children can learn using educational toys and sensory activities like painting and music games. Each child develops and grows at their own pace.

Age: Starting from 4 months

Mini Club Med® – 4 to 10 years old

Each age range has a selection of activities tailored just for them. From 4 years and up, children can try a range of land sports. They’ll hone their artistic talents in creative workshops, and invite you to join them for fun team games. From 6 years and up, they’re ready to try archery and some water sports. And once they reach 8, a whole new raft of specially designed activities is available to tempt them, both on and off the water

Mini Club Med®

Opening hours: 6 days a week.


Providing children with a space for exploration and expression that is both stimulating and exciting: that is the aim of Mini Club Med®. So that they can flourish in beauty, the young G.M® are gathered by age groups. In the company of their friends, they discover a whole world of sports. Adventure in big group games. And meet in the field of creativity. So many experiences from which they emerge delighted. And grow up.

Included activities

Group lessons

Initiation group lessons

Bows, arrow, lines of sights, targets… learn all you need to know to be a real archer!

The lesson has 3 parts:

  • Safety information and familiarising yourself with the equipment.
  • Teaching and practice: agility and concentration.
  • Debriefing.

Age: Starting from 6 years

As a regular activity at Mini Club Med®: 6 years old. In group classes with adults: 11 years old.

Group lessons

Group lessons 6 days a week, to ensure all participants make good progress and master their movements.

Age: Starting from 4 years

As a discovery activity at Mini Club Med® : 4 years old. (this is a first experience of the activity, once or twice a week). As a regular activity at Mini Club Med®: 6 years old. In group classes with adults: 11 years old.

Discover the marine life

Explore a protected underwater nature reserve only a stone’s throw away from the beach.

Anyone can go snorkeling. You do not have to be an expert swimmer to enjoy this unique and wonderful water sport.

Average temperature year-round: 75°F.

What you might see under water: giant lobster, groupers, yellow and black sergeant majors among others…
It’s like a wonderland that you never want to end!

Age: Starting from 8 years

Accompanied by an adult: 8 years old. Unaccompanied : 18 years old.


Looking forward to a quiet dinner with your partner or with friends ? You can entrust them to our experienced G.O. They will have a dinner and be able to take part in fun activities, while you enjoy your meal in peace.

Age: Starting from 4 years

Included for children who are registered at Mini Club Med® by the day or by the week.

Show time

Enter stage left: it’s time to create and rehearse their own show. Fun with friends is a great way to develop new talents.

Age: Starting from 2 years

Mini Club Talent Show

Take a look at the programme and watch a show as a family. See your children’s wide smiles and whirring imaginations as you enjoy the range of interactive shows together. Dr Crazy Science, Puppets and Magic will delight both young and old.

Age: Starting from 4 years

Petit Chef Program

Your children are getting creative in the kitchen. With Petit Club Med and Mini Club Med, they learn about local cuisine and help make some tasty treats. And the cherry on the cake? You can come and try what they’ve made.

Club Med Passworld® – 11 to 17 years old

Broadening their horizons with a range of water sports. Forging new friendships on the sports pitches. Triumphing in epic tournaments. Lazing by the pool. Making incredible memories as they spend the evenings together. With Club Med Passworld, young G.Ms from 11 to 17 can go from adventure to adventure as the mood takes them. Or simply take time to relax.

Club Med Passworld®

Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., 6 days a week


At Club Med Passworld, there are many exciting options and the freedom to choose. In this tailor-made space for young people, they can hang out and trying new things. Everyone can try something they’re interested in. Young people are sorted into age groups to make it easier for them to make friends. With the help of their G.Os, they can broaden their sporting and creative horizons in whatever direction they choose. They’ll never forget their time together.

On demand activities*

Teen spa

Teenagers have the opportunity to try our wellness facilities for themselves. Once on site, they can book to have beauty treatments and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. They can unwind on their own, with you or with friends.

Age: Starting from 11 years

Family activities

All across the world, Club Med Resorts offer you and your family happiness and peace of mind. You can feel relaxed even before you set off, knowing that Club Med has specially designed services and facilities tailored to your children’s needs. The wellbeing and comfort of your nearest and dearest is what really counts.

Included activities

Free pool access

Access to the Village swimming pool is free. Depending on the time, the activities, your needs, live a different experience.

Wearing a disposable diaper swimsuit is mandatory for children under the age of 3 who are still in the toilet training stage.

Big Snack

Taste, pancake party, pastry workshop or picnic, with these gourmet activities *, savor delicious moments with the family. Treat yourself to a tribe. On the menu ? A good dose of laughter, good humor and fun.

* Variable activities depending on the Village


Enjoy the show: your children, at Petit Club Med®, Mini Club Med®, Junior Club Med and Club Med Passworld®, get on stage. On the program, depending on the Village: dance, song, circus numbers, etc. Your little ones show off, disguised and guided by their G.O®. Admiration, pride and applause await you.

Creative and artistic activities

Painting, photo rally or making bracelets, with these activities *, express your creativity as a family. With your budding artists, add color to your vacation, create works, discover local crafts. Together, reveal your talent.

* Variable activities depending on the Village.

Free access tennis courts

Duration: Daily

Age: From 4 years old


  • Tennis balls Included
  • Tennis racket Included

Free access sailing

Duration: Daily

Age: From 8 years old

Tournaments and games

Riddles to solve, sports tournaments, treasure hunts, sandcastle competitions or games of skill and logic. Strengthen your family ties with these activities *. Team up with your kids and compete against other tribes. Share a friendly moment: pleasure is key.

* Variable activities depending on the Village

Water sports

By the pool or by the sea, feet in the water or in the sand, taste the aquatic pleasures with the family. Evenings in the pool or on the beach, foam evenings, ventriglisse, water fights, enjoy refreshing activities * and swim in happiness.

* Variable activities depending on the Village.

Services and facilities

All across the world, Club Med Resorts offer you and your family happiness and peace of mind. You can feel relaxed even before you set off, knowing that Club Med has specially designed services and facilities tailored to your children’s needs. The wellbeing and comfort of your nearest and dearest is what really counts.

Included activities

Easy Arrival

Register your children’s details online: language spoken, parent’s telephone number and so on.

Then when they arrive, they can meet their G.Os and start having fun straight away! Everything is taken care of, so you can relax into your holidays.

My Club Med app

Browse personalised suggestions, choose activities with one click, or find all the information you need about your Resort. Our app is easy to use, so you can focus on something much more important: having a great holiday with your family or friends!
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Activités à la demande*


Enjoy an evening for 2 or moments just for you. Use the babysitting service. In addition and upon reservation, you have a person dedicated to looking after your children in your room.

Age: Starting from 2 years old

Pyjamas Club 

Duration: From 7 p.m. to midnight

Want an evening for 2? With this collective childcare service, entrust your child with confidence to experienced G.O®. They watch and take care of your little ones in a dedicated place equipped for their comfort and well-being.

Age: starting from 4 months old

*Avec coût supplémentaire. 

Resort Facilities

Family pool

A new swimming pool dedicated exclusively to parents and their children.

  • Outdoor
  • Min depth: 0.9842519999999999 ft
  • Max depth: 4.265092 ft

A safe playground

For extra fun

Club Med strives to provide your family with an enchanting and safe playground:

  • Infirmary* service for consultation or medication
  • Lifeguard (main pool and kids pool)
  • Security staff within the resort
  • Outdoor

*Opening hours and operating times may vary depending on the resort


Safe and entirely dedicated to your little ones, these indoor or outdoor play areas are decorated and specially equipped for young and old. Under the watchful eye of their G.O®s in the context of children’s clubs, or parents, they have fun, open up to others and take advantage of playful structures.

  • Outside

Children’s pool with water games

In the pool, laughter bursts out. Your children will go on slides and water games: water jets, fun modules and slides will delight the little ones at Petit Club Med® and Mini Club Med®.

  • Outside

Baby corner

In the main restaurant, take advantage of a space entirely dedicated to your baby’s meal. You prepare its purees with the appropriate equipment (mixers, microwaves). And have small savory and sweet jars to treat it.

  • Inside

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