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Club Med France ARCS PANORAMA at best price - Winter
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Club Med France Arcs Panorama, enjoy a playing field as vast as nature itself at best price.

Welcome to the world’s biggest sport academy: Club Med. On the water, on the ground or in the air: the all-terrain activities on offer are mapped out just for you. With coaching from your G.O®, experience new sensations. Or find joy in improving your technique in a friendly setting. Are you looking for relaxation ? Try our fun leisure activities and lively evening entertainment. If you have a thirst for adventure, choose our excursions.

Fitness SchoolOther activities
Fitness School

Here, clean air and inspiring panoramas combine their invigorating effect. The perfect setting to take care of your body and your mind. Reach peaks of fullness with yoga. Stretching, abs / glutes, gentle gym: your other fitness classes also allow you to aim for a high degree of well-being. Just like the weight and cardio training room, with free access.

Included activities



Duration: 6 days a week

Yoga is a Hindu discipline that uses postures to unite body, mind and spitit.

Age: Starting from 16 years

In group classes with adults.



Duration: 6 days a week

Inspired by yoga, this technique combining dance and exercise routine is based on 8 basic principles to improve coordination, develop flexibility and eliminate stress.

Age: Starting from 16 years

In group classes with adults.



Would you like to reconnect with your body during your holiday? Looking to keep up your exercise routine ? Join our fitness classes to tone up. There are myriad choices: gentle muscle work, abs and glutes classes, stretching, stepping and more.

Age: Starting from 16 years

Equipment on loan

Depending on activity: step, floor mat…


  • Yoga mat Included
Other activities

Included activities

Weights and cardio room

Free access

The equipment available is designed to help you keep fit and test your endurance.
Activity proposed from 18 years old.

Age: Starting from 18 years

General informations

Supervision: A quality framework with G.O® trained in their discipline to initiate beginners and improve the confirmed.

*At additional cost

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