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Breathe in fresh air and happiness, surrounded by perfect snow

At 1750 metres above sea level, in Switzerland’s majestic Engadine valley, fashionable Saint Moritz is covered in a fluffy white blanket of snow. This is where the sun spends the winter. And your children are all sunny smiles: at Mini Club Med, they try out the snowy slopes and become more graceful as they practice. Their big brothers and sisters at Junior Club Med strap on their skis or snowboards and slalom down the pistes. And hike, snowshoes on their feet, between the larch forest and the edge of the frozen lake.

Mini Club Med (from 4 to 10 years old)

Once their G.Os have got them ready and equipped, your children are ready to take to the snow. Skiing is available from 4 years and up and snowboarding from 8 years and up, taught in ability groups. See them follow their Ski School instructor down the slopes. At lunchtime, they can eat with their friends or with their family before going back to their lessons. At après-ski time, they take part in fun and creative activities. As well as rehearsing for their own little show!

Opening hours: From 8.30 am to 5 pm and from 7 pm to 9 pm, 6 days a week

Mini Club Med has a simple goal: to give children an exciting, dynamic space to explore and express themselves. To help them blossom, young G.Ms are grouped by age. They’ll discover a whole world of sports with their friends and try out new skills in team games. As well as getting to know each other through creative activities. They’ll be smiling from ear to ear as they tell you about their grown-up adventures.

Included activities


Duration: From 7 pm to 9 pm

Looking forward to a quiet dinner with your partner or with friends ? You can entrust them to our experienced G.O. They will have a dinner and be able to take part in fun activities, while you enjoy your meal in peace.

Age: Starting from 4 years old

Included for children who are registered at Mini Club Med® by the day or by the week.

Alpin Ski group lessons by ESF instructors

Lessons for all levels (French / English / German / Italian)

Duration: 5 days from Monday to Friday

Children’s lessons, by level:

  • Snowgarden.
  • Blue (Prince , King, Star).
  • Red (Prince , King, Star).
  • Black (Prince , King, Star).

Group: 12 participants maximum

Age: Starting from 4 years old


After a day on the slopes, your children spend time with their friends in 2 activity rooms. 4- to 7-year-olds have a bright room with large windows that open out onto the snow garden.

The pastel pink and blue walls create a gentle, peaceful atmosphere. 8- to 10-year-olds have a powder pink space bathed in light.

  • Indoor
  • Access hours: 09:00 17:30

Junior Club Med® (from 11 to 17 years old)

Teens strap on their skis or snowboards to experience the joys of downhill snow sports. Divided into groups based on ability, they tear down the slopes with guidance from their Ski School instructors. Strong skiers can mix it up and get their share of thrills with the Multi Snow Sports Programme*. They can ski the pistes as well as riding moguls. Lunch breaks with friends are the perfect time to tell stories about their exploits in the powder. Après-ski is fun and festive, with games, parties and dancing.

Snowboard group lessons by ESS instructors

Lessons for all levels (French / English / German / Italian)

Duration: 5 days from Monday to Friday

  • Class 1 : you never surfed, or only a few hours.
  • Class 2 : you can turned both sides.
  • Class 3 : you control speed and direction.
  • Class 4 : you control my speed and direction on all form of snow, all terrains.

Group: 12 participants maximum
Age: Starting from 12 years old
In group classes with adults, all season: 12 years old.

Cross country skiing group lessons by ESS instructors

Lessons for all levels (French / English / German / Italian)

Duration: 5 days from Monday to Friday

  • Class 1: this is your first experience of cross-country skiing;
  • Class 2: you are confident using the classic style with alternating poles, and the downhill snowplough technique;
  • Class 3: you can use the classic style with alternating poles over varied terrain – some knowledge of skate-skiing.

Group: 12 participants maximum
Age: Starting from 12 years old

The Club week (Sunday to Sunday) Our group lessons are proposed according to level of skill, from Monday to Friday. To guarantee beginners’ progress, they are expected to start lessons on the Monday. Open date (7 days, starting any other day than Sunday). Our group lessons are proposed according to level of skill, from the day after arrival day; no lessons on Saturdays and Sundays. Beginners: lessons begin on Mondays only.

Multi Snow Sports program

Duration: 5 days from Monday to Friday

For 11 to 17 year olds, during school vacations,the Multi Snow Sports program enables skiers of Class 3 and higher to try all the techniques, with the latest equipment.

You can choose between:

  • Moguls
  • Jumps
  • Skiing on the edge of the pistes, slalom, skicross, skiing through the forest, in the powder…
  • Awareness of safety in the mountains

With a specialist instructor, participants can put together the week’s program, depending on the desires of the group, the weather conditions and the infrastructure proposed in the resort.

Age: Starting from 11 years old

The Multi Snow Sports Programme is offered on limited dates : From 23 December 2019 to 3 January 2020. From 3 February to 6 March 2020. From 6 April to 10 April 2020.

On demand activities* 

Babysitting (from 4 months old to 17 years old)

To enjoy a moment of total freedom, take advantage of the babysitting service (subject to availability).

For information: we provide a list of babysitting services on request. Club Med provides the contact but has no responsibility for the service.

Age: Starting from 4 months old

*At extra cost

Family activities

At the foot of the pistes, surrounded by snowy summits, cozy up with your family. Share new heights of fun through the Resort’s parent-child activities. In the heart of the wintry landscape, have fun with your nearest and dearest and make memories that will warm your heart for years to come.

Included activities

Family “Big Snack”

Snacks, pancake parties, baking workshops or picnics: these tasty activities* are a great way to savour time as a family. Treat yourself with your nearest and dearest. What’s on the menu? Great food, of course, plus extra helpings of laughter, happiness and fun.

*Activities vary between Resorts

Family show time

Sit back and enjoy the show: your children are about to take to the stage. Depending on the Resort, there might be dancing, singing, circus acts and more. Your little ones take centre stage, costumed and directed by their G.Os. When the crowd applauds, you can feel the pride in the room.

Pool free access

The Resort pool is there for you to use all day long. Whether it’s a place of calm solitude for a relaxing morning swim or ringing with laughter as you splash about with loved ones, there are so many ways to enjoy the pool.

Children under the age of three years who are still being potty trained must wear disposable swim nappies.

Family tournaments & games

Puzzles, sports tournaments, treasure hunts, and skill and logic games.* Playing together brings you closer. Team up with your children and compete against other families. Enjoy time with your nearest and dearest.

Bridge lounge

Free access

A COSY lounge for bridge players.


Treat yourself to a wellness break. Practice gentle stretching to increase your flexible, release tension and elongate your muscles. Enjoy this time to refocus and reconnect to yourself and others.

Resort facilities (from 2 to 17 years old)

A safe playground

For extra fun
Club Med strives to provide your family with an enchanting and safe playground:

  • Infirmary* service for consultation or medication
  • Lifeguard (main pool)
  • Security staff within the resort
  • Outdoor

*Opening hours and operating times may vary depending on the resort

General information

Terms and Conditions:

French children or children residing in France, born before 01/01/2018:

To take part in Baby Club Med or Petit Club Med, the child’s summary health record must be provided, showing the child is up to date with their mandated vaccines (for under 2s, this includes as a minimum the first two doses of the vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and polio).
French children or children residing in France, born after 01/01/2018:

To take part in Baby Club Med or Petit Club Med, in accordance with article R.3111-8 (issued as part of decree n° 2018-42 of 25 January 2018) of the Code de la Santé Publique (Public Health Code), the child’s summary health record, or another document showing that the child has been vaccinated as required (11 compulsory vaccines), must be provided. This applies only to French children and children resident in France, born after 01/01/18.
In accordance with regulations currently in force in France, JORF n° 0130 of 8 June 2010; decree relating to organisations and services taking care of children under the age of 6; art. R.2324-39.-V, children under the age of 6 will not be admitted unless a medical certificate is produced, dated just before arrival at the Village, stating that there is no reason why the child should not be cared for in a group setting.


Feel confident and carefree as you leave your baby in the capable hands of the G.Os at Baby Club Med. Sensitive to the particular needs of the under 2s, these experienced professionals will take excellent care of your precious children. They have a real vocation: comforting, inspiring and entertaining the smallest children to help them grow and develop.

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