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Club Med Bahamas Columbus Isle, enjoy a playing field as vast as nature itself.

Welcome to the world’s biggest sport academy: Club Med. On the water, on the ground or in the air: the all-terrain activities on offer are mapped out just for you. With coaching from your G.O®, experience new sensations. Or find joy in improving your technique in a friendly setting. Are you looking for relaxation ? Try our fun leisure activities and lively evening entertainment. If you have a thirst for adventure, choose our excursions.

Fitness SchoolTennis SchoolOther activities
Fitness School

Caressed by the tropical heat and lulled by the lapping of the ocean, the Bahamas invite you to well-being. Cultivate your form under the sun exactly. Take advantage of the group outdoor lessons given by G.O®. Stretching, glutes, yoga, find and find a variety of disciplines to meet your fitness goals.

Included activities


Group lessons for all levels (age and date restrictions may apply)

Group lessons 6 days a week, to ensure all participants make good progress and master their movements.

Age: Starting from 16 years

In group classes with adults: 16 years old.

Tennis School

With its crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and majestic coconut palms, the Village has the appearance of paradise. Perfect your backhand in this postcard decor. Beginner or advanced, join one of the clay tennis courts. Your G.O® bring you the equipment and the best advice to progress.

Included activities

Group lessons

All levels

Game, set and match: discover the ins and outs of tennis!
Teaching and practice, tailored to your level, technical foundations and tactics: forehand, backhand, lob, passing shot, slice, serve…

Age: Starting from 11 years

In group classes with adults: 11 years old.


  • Tennis balls Included
  • Tennis racket Included

Free access to tennis courts

Duration: Every Day

Age: Starting from 4 years

Accompanied by an adult: 4 years old. Unaccompanied: 8 years old.


  • Tennis balls Included
  • Tennis racket Included

Resort facilities

Tennis courts: 4

  • Outdoor
  • Description: Clay

Tennis courts: 4

  • Night lighting
  • Outdoor
  • Description: Clay
Other activities

Included activities

Beach volleyball

Free access

Your beach holiday is a wonderful time to discover this entertaining sport. Set the ball, play the net or smash to your heart’s content. This beach sport is a guaranteed work-out in the sun. Go for it! It is a great opportunity to learn to make sand dives.

Age: Starting from 8 years

Accompanied by an adult : 8 years old Unaccompanied : 11 years old This activity may also be proposed in tournaments with adults : 11 years old

Weight room

Free access

The equipment available is designed to help you keep fit.
Activity proposed from 18 years old.

Age: Starting from 18 years

On demand activities*


Free access

Activity offered by the Discovery Center

Bicycle rental: a simple and enjoyable way to explore the island of San Salvador. The friendliness of the population of nearby Cockburn Town will add to the pleasure of the outing.

Age: Starting from 12 years

Terms and Conditions:

Simplify your life by booking some of our excursions as soon as you purchase your stay. The choice of day and time will be determined on site by our team from the Discovery Center.
All excursions are on sale on site depending on availability, and according to the conditions of sale and prices applicable at the Resort; the program is given for information only.

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